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31 May 2016
If you need a “special” day to show your woman love, a manhood upgrade is definitely in order.
Don’t try to justify your actions, or make excuses for trying to “please” her. That only makes it worse.
You simply need to – Wake up!
Start living the Uptown G reality; shake off fear and oppressive social norms.
I know you don’t want to be an average guy, pulled like a puppet on society's string, waiting to be told what to do.
Well, now is your chance to distinguish yourself.
Let me clarify.
A grown man doesn’t appease anyone. He moves according to how he feels. Sentiment and obligation won’t sway him, if it’s contrary to his mood or personal code. He won’t give in, to keep the peace.
He functions this way because self-respect is his primary value, a constant that cannot be negotiated.
He is self-sufficient and doesn’t "need" anyone, including his woman. He’s cognizant of how he lives his life, and who he spends time with. He doesn’t seek approval or try to fit in, and is equally comfortable with others or alone.
Naturally, he doesn’t need romantic instruction: because he's confident, trusts his instincts, and is tuned into his woman's needs, satisfying them.
Your woman wants a leader, not an equal. You must be confident, lead the way, and have direction in life. If you don't establish and maintain this reality, she will become dominant, making your life a living hell.
Society promotes Holidays for one reason – money! And you should be aware of how you spend yours.
Checkout how many so-called successful men (and women) fall in line with society’s marketing schemes, rushing to be the first or last to purchase a popular item. Are they really the free-thinking individualist we believe them to be? No!
Be unique.
Don't get caught up in the Valentine’s Day hype.
Surprise your woman; create your own special occasions.
She'll love you for it.



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